Tuesday, April 6, 2010


As I sit here waiting to start meds (40 hours!), I think of how in some ways it would be soo much easier if the ppl at work (besides my manager) knew what was going on… I hate making excuses for appts, etc "specialist, hubby's work times are effed up this week (mgr's idea - everyone will know is BS, as he works for the feds, 8-4 same as the rest of us), etc" because well, I'm just not good at lying, to be honest. Even if I use the "checking progress on some new meds" which is TRUE, I still feel bad for not being honest, y'know? As it is, if things work out I'll probably have to tell work ppl sooner than later, because we're going on a 4 day retreat thingy in June, and my manager wants us to go ziplining through a park. Ummm, no. But especially not if I'm pg. Waited too long, etc. Bah.

Then, I see the *whispering* going on that happens in an office, and eff it. I’m glad they don't know. But man, would it ever make things easier if I could come clean.

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  1. I hear ya. I was torn on this subject for a really long time and I almost gave in once. I am so glad I didn't! When I hear the nasty things they say and how they gossip about everybody it just makes me sick and can't believe that grown women would say things like that about each other. Blah! I'm sure comments fly about my appointments and such, but I got to the point where I see that as being their problem and not mine anymore. If I would have an illness that would require lots of monitoring, would I feel bad for taking care of my health? No. So why would this be different?

    Sorry for going on here, but I'm just trying to show the way I rationalized my choice in the end as I struggled with it for a long time.

    I am so excited that you are starting your meds soon and will be well on your way!!! YAY Chelle!!!