Tuesday, April 27, 2010

All ready for injections...

I just hope the clinic says I am when I go for the 'mulligan' downreg on wednesday. I've set up our small bedroom (which will be the baby's room if we're so blessed) with a table for mixing my injections, and a mini-shrine with the sweater a friend knit for us/our baby and the 'basket o' kids' decoration my  cooperating teacher gave me after I finished my first student teaching gig. While I did not become a teacher after everything, I still love the bucket, and it's moved with me quite a few times. And now, I think it's just fitting that it be in my 'peaceful room' where i'll be doing injections, etc. I so hope we have a kidlet that we can use that sweater on soon. It's such a waste to see it sitting in the closet just waiting most of the time..


  1. What an excellent place for some positive thinking!! :oD

  2. What an excellent place to shoot up! :)

  3. Ha @ JL! :D

    I love the sweater. I have matching babylegs for ya when you need them. <3