Monday, January 19, 2009

So much for a miracle

I had a little hope that we wouldn't actually need to go to the clinic - that this would be THE cycle - you know the way that it happens to everyone, right - happens when you least expect it? Well, that hope was quashed last night when we got home from the game for me to find my period - 4 days early. Thanks so much. At least I figured out why I was an emotional basket case the last few days. Bah. That's why I'm always a pessimist - then if something good happens, I'm plesantly surprised. On the bright side, I know I have a very very supportive group of people, IRL and online, who are supporting us, so that makes me feel better. Had a chat tonight with a friend of ours from church who ended up adopting after failed IVF and she's so supportive - nice to have another sounding board if/when I need it. Lord have mercy.


  1. Okay, Christie, my Ukrainian blows but "hospoday pa meloy."

  2. Im sorry for AF showing her ugly head--AND early. Glad you do have some great sounding boards to rely on.